I devote these pages to my mother, Rita Virginia Beatie (nee Nicklos), and her music.

My mother was an opera singer. She was a Soprano, taught by Eleanor Steber. (early memories of a family trip out to her place in Port Jefferson..) I never had much of a taste for opera, and sadly, still don't. I remember growing up, I would stay in my room, with the doors to the upstairs and to my room closed so as not to hear it. But I can now appreciate it. She did have a very classical voice, and it's partly my fault that she didn't get to share it with more of the world. (in that I came along just as her career as a performer was taking off)

Then, when my mother passed away, almost 14 years ago now, I remember that her students got up and sang together. 20 some odd voices, all joined together. I realized then, that these voices had all been, in one way or another, shaped by her. trained by her. and I gained at least an appreciation for her music and her teaching.

I've noticed in the occasional google search that there isn't much out there to have marked her life. Music was important to her. Her music was her life. This site will have some of her music available for listening and download. What I've got, at least.

The domain name of this site comes from what she called her teaching practice, at the home we lived in from 1984 through 1989. I got the idea for this site, actually, from finding her old license plate holder, that said 'RVB STUDIOS - Singers do it Best'.