I have three recordings of my mother's music. I include them here in mp3 format so that her voice may be preserved and shared.

Beatie / Maddox, 06/09/81 If I were to guess, this was a recording of my mother and her pianist rehearsing together at home. 81 would have placed the recording at our home in Cleveland.

The songs here were reasonably easy to separate. As I discovered in web searching, the second song may actually be a four-piece set.

Luigi Cherubini?Medea aria
Franz Schubert?Mignon Lieder
Richard StraussRosenband
Samuel Barber?Vanessa aria?
Francesco Cilea?Cilea aria?
A Faculty Recital, 11/17/85 This was a really wonderful recording to listen to, actually.. I could hear the pride in my mother's voice as she sang, and hearing her get applause was really nice. I edited them out of the mp3s, but I'm thinking of going back and adding them back in at some point. I figure that anyone who wants to listen to her music, should hear her applause, too.

Thankfully, as it turned out, this was an easy recording to segment into its individual songs.

W.A. MozartDas Veilchen
Als Luise die Briefe
Nehmt meinen Dank
Franz SchubertAn die Musik
Wanderer's Nachtlied
Du bist die Ruh
An die Nachtigal
Rastlose Liebe
Robert SchumannWidmung
Johannes BrahmsEs hing der Reif
Richard StraussDas Rosenband
The American Romantics, 05/10/87 I could not for the life of me separate these pieces. This was obviously a concert performance, probably in Jordan Hall, at the New England Conservatory, where mom also taught. All I have to go on is what was printed on the tape jacket, so I have the 9 song titles, but during the performance, after I broke it up at long multi-second pauses where the piano could distinctly be heard releasing the pedals, I ended up with 19 seperate pieces. And I don't know enough about the source material at this point to try and obtain copies to compare. So I present these songs as best as I can.

I'd like to note that this may have been one of my mother's last performances, as she passed away only two and a half years later.

Mrs. H.H.A. Beach, Ah, Love, But a Day!
- I Send My Heart Up to Thee
Ethelbert Nevin, The Rosary
Louis Campbell-Tipton, The Crying of Water
Vittorio Giannini, Tell Me, O Blue, Blue Sky
Song 1
Song 2
Song 3
Song 4
Song 5
Song 6
Song 7
Song 8
Song 9
Song 10
Edward Horsman, The Bird of the Wilderness
Rudolph Ganz, A Memory
Charles M. Loeffler, Sudden Light
John Alden Carpenter, Serenade
Song 1
Song 2
Song 3
Song 4
Song 5
Song 6
Song 7
Song 8
Song 9